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The BNHBS was founded in 1998 by a nurse with many years experience in the study of traditional nurses' badges. From humble beginnings membership has slowly increased. The Society is now considered to be the leading organisation in this field of study and has developed close links with the Royal College of Nursing Archive and the History of Nursing Society.

The Society maintains a growing archive of several hundred traditional nurses' badges, certificates and related documents from the late nineteenth to the late twentieth centuries. The Society hope eventually to collect an example of every British nurses' badge. A massive if not impossible task. In addition to the archive of badges, the BNHBS maintain detailed records of approximately 1500 badges and their designs

The BNHBS hold an annual exhibition of archive material to which the general public are made very welcome. There is also an annual nurses' badge seminar for all with a genuine interest in these beautiful pieces of jewellery.

The Society does not trade in nurses' badges. Many of the badges in our collection have been donated by retired nurses or families of deceased nurses keen to find a permanent home for a treasured badge. The Society occasionally purchases a badge to add to the archive, but will never under any circumstances sell any of our archive material.

The Society is pleased to answer any nurses' badge related queries. You are most welcome to contact us by Email.
The BNHBS have advised national newspapers on the subject of nurses' badges and the Society's archivist, Stephen Callander-Grant RN FSA Scot. has published several papers on the subject and is widely recognised as a leading authority on nurses' badges.

The Society's work has been featured in several professional and historical journals, magazines and newspapers.

The Society receive regular requests for badge-related information and are always pleased, where possible, to assist.

We hope you enjoy your visit to this site! Thank you for visiting B.N.H.B.S..