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The Royal College of Nursing Archives - Edinburgh
BNHBS is associated with the Royal College of Nursing Archives in Edinburgh.The RCN archive contains a huge range of nursing history related documents. The RCN Archive is the home of the Meglaughlin Nursing Badge Collection, gifted to the RCN by the late Jennifer Meglaughlin SRN, author of "British Nurses Badges Vol1".
THe BNHBS Archivist is currently revising the Meglaughlin catalogue on behalf of the RCN.

The Alexander Fleming Museum The Alexander Fleming Museum in Paddington, London is based around a recreation of the laboratory in which Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin. This museum also houses exhibits relating to the history of St. Mary's Hospital.

The BNHBS will be hosting their 2000 exhibition of nurses badges and related documents at the Fleming Museum from July 3rd to August 5th 2000. The exhibition ends on the 5th with a seminar on the history of nurses' badges!